British Padel Open 2012 - A Great Success!!!

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A great success and huge International turnout at the first ever British Padel Open / International Padel Challenge 2012. PadelClub London and Padel England Association demonstrating the future of Padel in the UK. 10 Nationalities entering the tournament – But the Brits raise the flag in the Final (Murray/Brooks).

Two draws of 16 pairs (Category A and B) formed the final draw of the British Padel Open, 13-15 of July. The first leg of the International Padel Challenge and the first part of the British Padel Tour was a success in the organizational and sporting aspect. It aroused the great interest between the London public despite padel or padel tennis being a relatively new sport discipline in England.

The British no1 Pair Richard Brooks and Tom Murray (British players nº1 and 2 of the ranking Padel Pro Tour) won in the category A by 6/1 and 6/0 against No2 seats Leach / Langan showing an impressive demonstration of both technical and physical skills.
The B category, which permited the amateur players with less experience to participate in the Tournament, had Johny Percasky from New Zeleand and Indian Spanish Vishesh Khatnani beat Spanish Antoni Riera and Nacho Iglesias by 6/2 and 6/4. The Tournament held at PadelClub London was organized by MadisonMk and AEvibe with the support of the Padel Enlgand Association, Dunlop, Iberica, Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotels and Play On Sports. Ten nationalities represented themselves in the first British Padel Open 2012: Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, England, Romania, New Zealand, India and The Netherlands. The next phase of the tour will take place in the first week of August (from 3 till 5) in “Clube de Padel” in the touristic zone of Docas (Lisbon). The next stage will be held in Helsingborg (from 7 till 9 of September). The final games are going to be played between 28 and 30 of September in Madrid, coinciding with VII Internacionales Ciudad de Madrid Padel Pro Tour.  Padel England Association is proud of the No1 Pair, who have been supported and sponsored for the past 16 months by P.E.A. “It shows we are on the right track and that our no1 Pair can compete amongst the best in the world, as well deal with the pressure to perform at home soil. Our focus now is to close the gap between no1 and no2/no4 pairs, so to create an ever stronger presence in the Padel world, for generations to come. Success like this supports our cause to have 1 million players in the UK by 2015” Category A Results