PEA takes over the UKPF - UK representative F.I.P.

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A massive step in the development of Padel in the UK has been confirmed today: PEA takes over the UKPF, and is the UK representative in the F.I.P. (International Padel Federation) One Body, One Voice : Growing Padel in the UK 

Active immediately, UK Padel Federation (UKPF) will be lead by PEA president, and the PEA board of directors, while PEA performs restructure steps to comply UKPF to the Sport England standards. It will be a great step forward for Padel development, with one voice, one body, based in the UK, responsible to develop the game and its infrastructure. A clear vision, a clear direction for padel (padel tennis)

Erik de Wit, President of UKPF/PEA would like to thank all the predecessors in UKPF, padel passionate and pioneers for all the work they have done in the past. We encourage people to become part of PEA (UKPF/PEA) and growing the game together. With current developments, (David LLoyd Leisure, PadelClub London, PPT signing, Coaching Qualification, British Padel Tour) it is clear that this is the right step for the sport to reach it’s maximum potential. PEA has been implementing a court specification, compliant to UK sporting regulations, which shows a unique design for wheelchair access, as well as ever implementing improvements to the courts. This makes the UK courts the safest, strongest, and most impressive courts in the country and in Europe. Quoted to reach one million people in 2015, PEA is well on the way. Opening new courts in January ’12 and April ’12, and a plan to further develop various facilities in 2012, the game is growing rapidly. Padel interested can request information in regards to how to create padel within their community, where to start, how to get UK compliant courts, where to develop, how to get involved. UKPF/PEA has the intention to represent the UK in 2012 during the World Championships with a Men’s and Women’s team in Mexico November-December 2012. Trials will be held in the National Training Facility in London, PadelClub London in the following months. Further trials will be held for foreign based players, and players spread across the country. If wanting to represent the country, please make contact via . Recent steps made:
  • Registered Padel England Coaching Qualification (PCQ) which is legal requirement to become a padel coach in UK (includes H&S, First Aid, CRB, on and off court experience etc)
  • Opening of David Lloyd Leisure Chigwell (all coaches are PEA PCQ licensed)
  • Partnering with PPT (Padel Pro Tour)
  • Opening and funding of PadelClub London ( – 4 court facility (all coaches are part PEA team, PCQ licensed, etc) – It is the national training facility.
  • Running of various primary/secondary/community programs
  • Minimum court specification (we have changed the game – all courts have to be wheelchair accessible in any new development in the UK) This is a PEA unique design, that has been implemented in the rules of 6 other NGB’s in Europe.
  • Takeover of the UKPF – we are now the UK representative in the F.I.P. (International Padel Federation) creating one body, one voice.
  • Feature on SkySportNews discussing the development of padel (padel tennis)
  • Features in British Press as the fitness trend for 2012
  • Created the first ever International Padel Challenge and hosted the British Padel Tour
For more information in regards to the padel development in the UK, as well as how to work together with PEA, please contact via Together we grow!!!