how to buy a padel court

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Please find attached below the 'How to buy a court guide' designed by Padel England Association (UKPF/PEA), UK Padel representative in the FIP (International Padel Federation) and the NGB for the sport in England and the UK.

The guideline is an ever developing documentation, and we strongly advise you to get in contact with PEA prior to starting your project, to make sure you have the most current and up to date guideline.

How to buy a court guide

Always make sure when you buy the court, it meets the UK minimum court specification. FEP (Spanish) and FIP (International) are not designed with UK H&S and rules and regulations in mind. We will be adding case studies to this page, to explain the errors made in the recent history in the UK.

  • UK H&S

  • Public courts in the UK have to be Wheelchair Accessible (DDA compliant) by LAW (approved by PEA/UKPF April 2012 - supported by FIP)

  • 'Support bar' at entrance of the court is illegal (H&S tripping hazard)

  • Contractor / Installer has to have license to build in the UK

Remember when you buy the court, who will be liable after the completion. By using different companies, they tend to point at each other. The installer will say the problem is based on the sub-base, the contractor will point at the manufacturer, etc. Using different companies will allow incidents to happen.

  • UK registered and licensed companies have experience in the UK, with UK weather, and have a knowledge about the UK Sport and Recreation legislation

  • Insurance & Liability Policy

By using a UK registered and licensed company, you are covered for any liability and insurance matters. Always ask PEA/UKPF for advise in bringing your project to completion. We are here to help.

There is a growing list of contractors & builders that can bring your project to completion. Send and email to or for more information.