About us

Padel England Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development and promotion of Padel (Padel Tennis) in England.

Strong development, involvement in the national growth and increase in sport participators has sent signals to governing organisations, paying and playing padel members that Padel will soon become recognised in England, and Padel England; already recognised by governing organisations, players and coaches, David Lloyd (nationwide leisure operator 450.000 members) will continue to run as the recognised body (NGB) to confidently grow the game.

Development of this fairly new sport throughout the country is the main objective of Padel England and due to the sports aspects it strives to become the UK’s most social sport yet. Based in Kent, and offices in London it seeks to provide a structure for the sport from Board and Council, senior management, specialist staff at headquarters, county associations and clubs right the way through to individual members and volunteers involved in playing and promoting this game.

The organisation is responsible for the management, sponsorship and training of the elite Team Padel England squad, and will work alongside the other home nation governing bodies to prepare English players for events. Padel England Association also co-ordinates a development network that provides a pathway for aspiring players to progress from schools and clubs to the national squad. In addition, the association offers information about the game, runs coaching courses, tournaments from county to international standard, distributes results, demonstrates, videos, and promotes the sport at all levels. Many categories of membership are available, from supporters, through club and county players to the national squad.

The board is formed from a group of Padel Professionals, Ex-ATP Players, Qualified Padel Coaches, Charity Developers, Sport developers/constructors and other sport professionals. To find out more about the staff of Padel England Board, please take time to browse through our “Who We Are” section where you will find out all about the people who work for the Body.

Padel England Association are able to help develop, (part) fund, advertise, train and professionalize your Padel facility, by helping you find the right builders, manufacturers, equipment, location, and attract qualified coaching personnel. Padel England will oversee and encourage the correct implementation of all aspects regarding the development of Padel facilities and the game – help will be provided throughout the entire process and Padel England Association will (part) fund (if applicable) so as to develop this sport into the most anticipated and participated game in England. Till the sport will be funded by Sport England, this means Padel England Association is the only structure in place to receive official funding. We have created a network of sport government plans to find part funds and help you bring your project to a successful completion.

Together we build the game!