Coaching Membership

Coach Membership - Licensing

Only fully qualified coaches can obtain a PEA PCQ Membership License, by completing a course that equips them with the skills to provide individual coaching. Some Licensed Coaches may hold very advanced qualifications, remember to ask Licensed Coaches for specific information about their qualification.

Licensed Coaches must perform a minimum of 15 hours of additional training each year. This time commitment ensures that Licensed Coaches have up-to-date knowledge/skills and more likely to be aware of important changes.

Coach Licences last for one year.

Annual Membership £90.00 (registration and licensing) includes:

-Public Liability Insurance
-PEA PCQ Registration
-PEA PCQ License
-Profile and recognition within the industry
-Access to PEA coaching material (video, drills, etc)
-Notifications of Padel Coaching positions
-Special PEA - Bats and Clothing Range with incredible discounts on padel equipment
-Regular E-news

much more...

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