Foreign and Other Coaching Qualifications

If you have a foreign or alternative type of coaching qualification then you may still be able to coach in Britian.

The PEA recognises various qualifications from other countries with equivalency based on a comparison between course competencies and the number of training hours.

Find out if your qualification is equivalent to a PEA qualification by emailing a completed Application Form to with the following information;

-A copy of your highest tennis coaching certificate
-A copy of the competencies used in the assessment of the qualification above (in English)
-The number of face-to-face delivery days of the qualification above
-Extended study time (projects / experience) included in the qualification above


-Contact number:
ate of Birth:
-Coach Code (if applicable):
-Reason for application (please circle) – Equivalent Qualification / License / Registration

*Note - only your padel qualification is required and no other qualifications or CVs are taken into account.

*For enquiries regarding overseas CRB applications, please contact