Latest Pro Tour

Final stages of the pro tour in Madrid, 6 years in a row, the best city to host the Padel Pro Tour Finals:

The Masters will round off the bwin Padel Pro Tour for 2011.

It’s time for the biggest event in the season, the Master Padel Pro Tour. From 14.12. to 18.12.2011, the best Padel in the world will be played out in hall 6 of the “IFEMA Trade Fair” in Madrid. The best eight male pairs and the best four female duets will face each other to clinch the “Masters” title.

After having made stops all over Spain, the bwin Padel Pro Tour will come to its end. A place in the Masters tournament is the season’s main goal for every pair on the circuit. This event will gather the very best players who have been fighting throughout the whole season to be part of it.

In the male category, qualification was very tight until the last tournament in Valencia. Three pairs had the chance to clinch the last spot for the Masters. In their last tournament, Gonzalo Díaz and Jordi Muñoz secured their place in this season’s finale.

The structure is slightly different than the one applied in standard male tournaments. The first stage will be a round-robin tournament, with two groups of four couples each. The best two pairs will advance to the semi-final. 

For the sixth consecutive year, Madrid will be the world capital of Padel. This event will be the perfect end to a vibrant bwin Padel Pro Tour season.

Below the year end ranking before Final Showdown