PadelClub London

PADELCLUB LONDON – Opened its door April 10, 2012

PadelClub UK launches the first dedicated indoor Padel facility in the UK – PadelClub London. Their slogan, “More than a sport, it’s a lifestyle” is certainly a defining point in the business model which focuses on bringing padel closer to the people in the UK.

The facility located in Central London consists of 4 indoor courts part-funded by the Padel England Association (PEA). The courts have been designed in accordance with the 2012 London Olympics (Pink & Blue) that really jump out at you.

PadelClub London is now the largest indoor Padel facility in Europe outside of Spain.  The courts are wheelchair accessible, PEA certified and meet the standards of the Padel Pro Tour. The great introduction of wheelchair access is a groundbreaking opportunity to create a new sport with no borders or limitations.

Courts can be booked online ( where users can also interact with one another – Social events, Padel courses, Tasters, Leagues and Tournaments are now being advertised and filling up fast.  Daniel Dios (Coaching advisor of the PEA) is the club manager and head of coaching for the facility along with a team of coaches and volunteers that provide assistance for the school and community programmes. All of the Padel coaches have been trained and qualified by the PEA.

The facility has already hosted several community programmes; including the Tower Hamlets Community Games which took place on April 11th, where over 600 children were able to play padel, followed by a Disability programme on April 13th. The Padel England Association will also be hosting a number of events, including the Official InterClub League, Official Tournaments, and coaching courses.

Padel is a cross between tennis and squash.  It has glass panels at each end of the court allowing for rebounds – it is always played in doubles, therefore a very social game and not power dominate due to its characteristics such as an underarm serve.

PadelClub UK Limited is a network of English and Spanish companies complete with the infrastructure and expertise necessary to develop this wonderful sport throughout the UK.

The weekend of 13-15 July 2012 PadelClub London was the host of the first leg of the International Padel Challenge and the first ever British Padel Open (part of the British Padel Tour). Tournament was won by the no1 Pair Richard Brooks and Tom Murray. (Richard also won the second leg, in Lisbon early August 2012)