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Team Padel England is formed out of the highest ranked English players, Padel Pro players, and league players. It is the cornerstone of the growth in England, and all players will either be based in England, or return regurlarly to return to England to train as a team, and actively involved to train upcoming talents at Padel England training centres.

Richard Brooks

-Currently the England and UK's number 1 ranked player

-World Ranking of 444 on the Padel Pro Tour

-First Brit to ever win Padel Pro Points

Richard Brooks has been playing and competing in padel tournaments around Spain for the last few years. Coming from a tennis background and competed on the ATP circuit for several years before turning to coaching - He travelled with Jelena Jankovic for over a year in 2008 and several other WTA top ranked players.

As the true pioneer of the Padel sport in both Spain and England, Brooks decided there is only one team capable of guiding, building and governing the sport in England, and has decided to join Padel England Association to show his belief in the Sport, share his expertise in the development of a padel future in England. Now a successful Padel Pro, to fit in the Team Padel England sport and youth development, Brooks partners up with upcoming padel talents during tournaments to help them with on-court confidence and pressure. 

As a lefty, he has an amazing asset various top 40 Padel Pro Tour players want to get in their 'double partnership' which has made Richard fully commit to Padel for 2012, as he will quickly climb the Pro Ladder.

Tom Murray

-Currently the England's number 2 ranked player 

-World ranking of 667 on the PPT tour.

Tom Murray started playing padel in 2008 however only recently in 2011 began competing in professional tournaments. Tom comes from a tennis background and competed on the ATP circuit before playing collegiate tennis in the Unted States where he represented the University of Tulsa.

Tom is committed to Team Padel England and is looking to increase his participation in tournaments all over the world to increase his world ranking. Career goal is to be in the top 50 of the PPT. Tom has joined Team Padel England, and has moved back to England (From Alicante), to fully focus on the games development in England. He will be based  at the first indoor multi-court facility in the UK, David Lloyd Chigwell, to train with local and national talents, and increase the level of play on Amateur and Professional level.

Due to his full time commitment to develop Padel in England, in his role as board member of Padel England, Tom found it difficult to get on court as much as required to break  through on the Padel Pro Tour. 2012 is a new chapter, and with the Padel England base at David Lloyd Chigwell, Tom will reach his maximum potential and will be competing on the Pro Tour.

Philip Barlow

Philip (Phil) is the newest signing to Team Padel England.

Philip Barlow began playing full time padel at the beginning of 2011 - He trains with Richard Brooks when in Spain and Tom Murray when in England, and will look to start competing professionally towards the first/second quarter of 2012.

As a professional tennis player Philip achieved great results throughout the world and had rankings in both singles and doubles. He will look to utilize his experience obtained from tennis and excel in his new chosen career of Padel. Phil will move back to the UK in the first Quarter of 2012, to fully dedicate to Padel and Padel growth in England, and will be based at the first multi-court indoor facility in the UK, David Lloyd Chigwell. With full commitment and already beaten Pro Players in league and club tournaments, Barlow, when fit, has a great potential in Padel, which is why Padel England Association has signed him to the team.

If you play padel professionally, or looking at ways to get on the pro tour, please send your information to . Our head coach and player developer, Dani Dios, will be available to review you as a player, and set up a training schedule, as well as guidance, to get reach your maximum potential.