Qualification Course

About the qualification

The Coach Qualification covers the key coaching skills required to be an effective coach as well as the tactical, technical, physical and mental information a coach needs to work with beginners and improvers.

The Coach Qualification is a major and rewarding step for coaches ready to acquire the skills of a full-time professional padel coach. It provides a rounded training in on court skills and in how to work as a coach in your chosen professional setting. 

Accreditation mean that a coach or coaching assistant has met the following criteria:

-A minimum level of qualification
-A satisfactory criminal record check (repeated every three years)
-A valid ‘Emergency First Aid at Work’ certificate and a requirement to keep this up-to-date

The continuous updating of knowledge and the improvement of professional competence throughout your career is common practice in most professions and is not different in tennis. It recognises a professionalism by you taking the initiative to keep up to date and continously seeking to improve your skills and abilities.